Dungeons & Banano

Live Stream 7/16/23 @ 7:00 pm UTC

The player’s have been tasked to investigate a strange group that goes by “Cult of the Many Hands” as there’s been strange reports of people going missing ever since the group has appeared. What will they find out, and what are they up to? 

Do you enjoy the immersive world of story telling that Dungeons & Dragons/TTRPG’s has to offer? Want to watch a D&D story unfold live amongst your fellow community members while also being rewarded for doing so with Banano/NFT’s? Introducing Dungeons & Banano’s D&D Live-Stream Sessions!


Dungeons & Banano has put together a system that will not only let you watch Zanefold#2643, blushrabbit#3300, Jimothy – monKeyhiKer#6021 & Sas | Cat Stickers#9226 partake in live stream D&D one-shot sessions, but also allowing you to engage and even possibly alter what happens to the players via a voting system.

During the live streams there will be rewards that range between Banano and a number of different NFT’s. The live stream sessions will alternate taking place on YouTube Live/JungleTV. Also if you miss the live stream session don’t worry! We will be sure to post them on the Dungeons & Banano YouTube channel so they can be viewed at your leisure. Here’s a guide on how to make sure you get the best experience while watching the live stream D&D sessions for each platform used:


Dungeons & Banano: JungleTV (Via YouTube Live)

Getting Setup/Understanding The Rules:

Before the start of the live stream event, make sure to head over to the https://jungletv.live/faq and https://jungletv.live/guidelines pages and read the details on said pages. Doing so will not only ensure that you understand the guidelines for Jungle TV, but will also ensure that you are properly setup so you will be able to receive Banano/NFT rewards!

Community Engagement Via Voting:
As we continue doing more live streams, we will come up with newer ways for the audience to engage with not only the story but also what happens to the players, be it good or bad. At random points throughout the live stream there will likely be a chance that you will be able to vote on what will happen next to the players or situation. A poll link will be shared in the JungleTV chat. Please note that the link will be shared via one of the people on the live stream (likely will be from Zanefold since he’s the dungeon master).

Harassment Wil Not Be Tolerated:

It’s also important to note that inappropriate harassment of the people on the live stream will not be tolerated. Please remember they’re people too, just like you.

When the live session takes place, be sure to head to JungleTV with the rest of your fellow community members and get ready for a wild and crazy time!