Dungeons & Banano

Chains of Death: A Community Driven Story Event (12/12/22)

Chains of Death

Before I begin, I would like to mention that the story event will be run by discord user Asmodeusz#3807!

Dungeons & Banano has developed a system on the official discord server where the community can work together to progress in a side story using a poll system. This gives the community member the nostalgic feel that you would have when you would read those “choose your own adventure” books as a kid, except in this case you play the game with the rest of the community! The best part is, the further the community gets in the story without dying or losing, the better the banano airdrop reward for the participating members (example of poll story below)!

The story should progress about every day or so, leaving the community time to talk over the best choices. As the story progresses, the difficulty factor will fluctuate to reflect the communities choices. If the community manages to complete the event successfully, the reward will be at its max.

You can find the event on the Dungeons & Banano discord server, in the #event-polls channel once the events starts. Be sure to work together as a community by discussing the best course of action would be!