Dungeons & Banano

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Live Stream 7/16/23 @ 7:00 pm UTC 

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Dungeons and Banano: D&D With A Cryptocurrency Twist!

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Imagine what happens when you take the fantastic TTRPG world of D&D, and fuel it with the power of potassium? You get Dungeons and Banano!

The Dungeons & Banano project comes in many different forms and continues to grow and develop new and exciting ways to bring D&D based activities and events to both the TTRPG and Banano communities.

What is Banano?


Banano is a feeless, instant, rich in potassium cryptocurrency powered by DAG technology disrupting the meme economy. Banano is a 4th generation fungible cryptocurrency which is easily identifiable with its cool yellow logo. 

You can store your Banano in a number of different wallets, we recommend using the Kalium mobile wallet, or the browser-based wallet BananoVault, which is ideal for desktops. These wallets are managed and supported by the Banano team.

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Dungeons and Banano: D&D One-Shot Live Stream Sessions

Dungeons & Banano hosts D&D one-shot live stream sessions using YouTube Live (JungleTV) and Twitch! During these live streams, the audience will be eligible to receive banano rewards if they’re engaging in chat during these streams. There will be other ways to earn rewards which will be shared during the live streams.

Here’s a list of the players/dungeon master of the D&D One-Shot Live Sessions:

Zanefold as: “The Dungeon Master”
Ovi as: “Carth the Barbarian”
Jimothy as: “Mycelium the Bard”
Blush as: “Reela the Druid”
Sas as: “Amren the Wizard”

Live Stream Collaborations

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There’s so many unique and exciting different projects that are out there to be discovered. That’s why Dungeons & Banano looks forward to the different opportunities to collaborate with these different unique projects!

One previous example of us collaborating with another project was with the “Cat Stickers” NFT line. We were able to integrate their project into a one-shot session where the players tried to complete a bounty. After the session is finished, a recording of the session will be saved on the Dungeons & Banano YouTube channel for everyone to see and enjoy!

This brings an interesting opportunity for both the community as well as the project involved. If you own a project (whether it’s an NFT line or something else entirely) and are interested in collaborating with us, please fill out the form below!

Dungeons and Banano: Events

Dungeons & Banano hosts a number of different events at varying times, not to mention new events that we are actively working on as we speak. These events will reward the community with Banano or NFT’s. Here’s a list of just a few different events that are hosted on the Dungeons & Banano discord server.

Dungeons and Banano: Community Driven Text Adventures

Everyone remembers reading those “Choose Your Own Adventures” books as kids and how fun they were! So that’s why we developed a similar system but with a D&D twist that involves Banano rewards! The event version of this will last between 1-2 hours.

Dungeons and Banano: Ban Games:

In this event, qualified contestants will attempt to survive in order to win a hoard of Banano which will be rewarded to the handful, or single remaining contestant at the end of the game. 

The Ban Games will be utilizing a series of multiple-choice type polls that the qualified contestants will have to determine what the best choice is and wait for the short duration of the poll to end before finding out if their choice got them killed or not. If you survived, you continue on with the next poll and keep going until you either die or win!

Dungeons and Banano: University

Dungeons & Banano University helps educate new players that want to take the leap into the D&D world of fantasy and imagination, crawling with all manner of life. Before you get yourself disintegrated by an angry Lich, have a staring contest with a beholder or losing your hand to a Mimic, Dungeons & Banano University is there to teach you a few things that can make your experience in the D&D world a little more pleasant.

Dungeons and Banano: D&D Themed Trivia

Are you a big fan of Dungeons & Dragons? Consider yourself all knowledgeable on the subject, at least in D&D 5e? Do you not have a single clue what the heck Dungeons & Dragons even is but just enjoy the trivia atmosphere? Well then this is going to be perfect for you!

We’re still coming up with new and unique events for the community to participate in.

Community Driven Choose Your Own Adventures

community driven chose your own adventures

We’ve developed a system on the Dungeons & Banano discord server where the community can work together to progress in a side story using a poll system. This gives the community member the nostalgic feel that you would have when you would read those “choose your own adventure” books as a kid, except in this case you play the game with the rest of the community! The best part is, the further the community gets in the story without dying or losing, the better the Banano airdrop reward for the participating members! 


The story progresses every week leaving the community time to talk over the best choices. As the story progresses, the difficulty factor begins to increase resulting in a increased chance of dying/failing. If the community manages to complete the side story/bounty without failing/dying, the reward will be at its max.


We also decided to occasionally use suggestions made in the Community Input channels found on the Dungeons & Banano Discord server from time to time. When the user’s suggestion is used they are rewarded with Banano!